A&I Facebook Competition Results

Unfortunately, I didn't win the online Artists & Illustrators competition but I'm not too disheartened. I received a lot of votes for my pieces as well as positive comments. Here are the votes for my individual entries, which can be viewed in my previous blog and in the gallery:

Fire of the Dragon – 23 votes
Sunset and the Weather Bird – 25 votes
From the Eye of the Wren – 20 votes
Towers – 24 votes
Dream of a Nebula – 31 votes

Those are very encouraging results! Below are a selection of comments both about individual entries and about my entries as a whole.

“My favourite is Sunset and the weather bird, there is something about it that really draws you in.”

“My favorite is fire of the dragon, that was just awesome.”

“I'd say my favourite is Towers, but I also love From the Eye of the Wren, it would make a lovely print for fabric too.”

“My favorite of all.” [Dream of a Nebula]

“What a great green - really peaceful and serene.” [Eye of the Wren]

“You can almost hear the birds singing, amazing!” [Sunset and the Weather Bird]

“Really like this, are you putting these up for sale?” [Towers]

“They are fabulous, you are very talented. I've 'liked' them all.”

“I just wanted to let you know I think you are very talented. I really like your art.”

That was a great response. It's a fantastic feeling to get positive feedback from others, very encouraging indeed.

The competition also allowed me to come into (virtual) contact with other artists which is always a good step forward.

Now my focus is back on my entries for the other magazine competitions.