Entering Competitions to Get My Work 'Out There'

I just discovered Artists and Illustrators magazine have a facebook page, and they're currently running a competition inviting people to upload images of their paintings. There are technically no judges in the competition: the painting with the most 'likes' wins, it's as simple as that. I'm not expecting to win but who knows what could happen if I try? If nothing else, it's a chance to get my work seen by other people for free.

Artists and Illustrators also have gallery pages (in the printed magazine) every month, and anyone can submit work for possible conclusion.

I'm aiming to try this soon, as having a full colour page showing one of my paintings would be fantastic.

Here are my entries for the A&I competition which are also in my gallery. They are all watercolours, although the last painting (Dream of a Nebula) is created using Marvy Le Plume pens (and lots of water!)

Fire of the DragonFire of the Dragon

Sunset and the Weather BirdSunset and the Weather Bird

From the Eye of the WrenFrom the Eye of the Wren


Dream of a NebulaDream of a Nebula