Entering This Year's Art Competitions

There are three art competitions I am considering entering this Summer:

  • Artists and Illustrators - Artist of the Year
  • Leisure Painter - Simply the Best
  • Aethetica - Creative Works

My first priority is the Artists and Illustrators competition. I aim to enter at least this one. Depending on time I have left, considering I'm working hard on my current series of artwork, I would like to enter either the Leisure Painter or the Aesthetica competition. Possibly even both.

The Aesthetica competition allows a lot of room for creativity and working in different mediums, including photography, which is very appealing. The Leisure Painter competition could be ideal for submitting one of my already completed paintings, or perhaps a chance to try something new if I have enough time.

My first step is to consider what I would like to focus on for the A&I competition; as usual, I am filled with ideas and possibilities and need to choose what I will focus on. I'm excited to see what I come up with!

I'll blog again about the competitions when I have my entry/entries ready to send, and of course I'll post images of my entries as well.

In case anyone other artist reading this is interested in entering these competitions, here are the links you need. Good luck!