This was my entry for my first photography competition in around 2007, which was a competition of self-portraits. It is made up of numerous photographs of my facial features with some sizes altered - this means that although the image uses my features and resembles me, this is not how I really look in person. The idea behind the photo was to convey the 'masks' we wear in front of other people, or even for ourselves: perhaps we pretend we feel happy when actually we're miserable, or behave as though we are confident when really we doubt ourselves constantly. Our masks allow us to pretend; to hide our true nature or feelings and influence how other people view us. Sometimes this can be helpful, other times it can be damaging. In creating this image I hoped to challenge viewers to ask themselves what masks they wear.

This work was never intended to be sold and was mostly an experiment, yet the results were beyond what I had imagined and I wanted to share it.

Look out for more artwork on masks as I plan to create a series based on the theme very soon.

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