Long overdue

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged on here! Time really does fly.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I had a number of creative projects on the go:

Creating a zine on the theme of 30 for my partner's 30th birthday
Creating three other items to go with the zine (an ATC, a painting and a story)
Making Christmas cards for close family
Making thank you ATCs for birthday gifts received
Designing and burning a pyrography piece as a Christmas present

Painting has taken a bit of a backseat apart from the painting for my partner's birthday. However, Christmas is over now and a new year has begun, so it's time for me to decide what to focus on next and get going with it.

On a side note, for Christmas I received a book called Making Mosaics With Found Objects, and this is something I aim to try during the year. I've wanted to try mosaics for quite some time, and combining it with my love of trinkets and junk makes it all the more interesting!

However, I won't be buying new art/craft equipment until I've done some early spring cleaning and decluttering; it's time to let go of the things that are no longer relevant or useful. It's amazing how much stuff builds up when you're not paying attention. I've already started tackling my book collection; next it's onto the many 'bits and pieces' that seem to be everywhere! May 2012 bring less clutter and more creativity.