Exhibition, Competition and Intuition

This blog is long overdue because of personal health problems, so apologies to anyone who has been disappointed with no updates for a while. The exhibition in Saltcoats, way back in July, went well. I submitted my works and I was pleased with how they looked framed. There was a diverse range of works in the exhibition and, although neither of my pieces sold, it was all good exposure. As the exhibition was held in the Heritage Centre, there were some interesting objects to look at and I did a number of blind contour drawings both inside and outside the Centre. I will scan a few of these and post them here as soon as possible. On the subject of blind contour drawing, that and intuitive drawing have been my main creative activities lately. Some of these I have developed further by adding elements of pattern and filling areas in using ink and pencil. You can see a few of these below.

Treasures of the Clothes Horse:

Mermaid Dance:


I completed my entry for the Artists and Illustrators Artist of the Year competition and submitted it on time which I'm very pleased about. As I tend to work intuitively, the end result is always a surprise! By the time I'd finished this piece I felt it looked very tribal, therefore I called it Echoes of the Tribe.